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Drive Over Cable Covers

Extensively tested with vehicular traffic, these easy-to-use robust Drive Over Cable Covers, produced in UK, offer reliability and an extended longevity of use.


Where to buy

Rigid Cable Protectors are ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions, site-electrics, industrial plants and factory floors.

All lengths can be simply joined by interlocking male:female connectors to provide longer runs. Multi-cavity versions have a handle on reverse-side for easy carrying. All have angled sides with anti-slip treads, suitable for pedestrian traffic and trolleys and wheelchairs also. Note the ramps have low-profile height dimensions.

Lengths are produced from virgin heavy duty polyurethane (PU), UV stabilised, for use between -40°C and +50°C. According to capacity required and type of traffic, choose from a single channel, a 3 channel Heavy Duty version, and 3 or 5 channel Extra Heavy Duty options.

"Having purchased economy versions where the lid hinges completely collapsed and broke when driven-over, we appreciate the D-Line products do the job reliably without any problems!” - Site manager


D-Line Ref


Axle Weight


Number of Channels

Channel Size
W x H (mm)

Weight (kg)


Single Channel Cable Cover
765mm (L) x 133mm (W) x 22mm (H)







Heavy Duty 3 Channel Cable Cover
920mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 35mm (H)


Black Lid/
Red Base


(3x) 64x18



Extra Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable Cover
910mm (L) x 505mm (W) x 45mm (H)


Red Lid/ 
Black Base


(4x) 34x30
(1x) 41x30



Extra Heavy Duty 3 Channel Cable Cover
910mm (L) x 473mm (W) x 75mm (H)


Red Lid/
Black Base


(3x) 53x52



  • Single channel Cable Protector simply lays over cables.
  • All 3 and 5 channel Cable Ramps have solid bases with compartmentalised channels,
    and toughened-hinged lids. Suitable for armoured cables, hoses and pipes.
  • Carrying handle on reverse side
  • Produced in UK
  • Extensively tested to ensure fit-for-purpose & peace-of-mind. Extremely durable
  • Longevity of use enables exceptional value from extended usage
"Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" ... "Bought this to hide cabling for wall mounted TV. Perfect for the job, and when painted to match the wall it disappears" ... "It has a good clip system, hinging open to accept the cables, easy to cut, self-adhesive backing works well - Amazing stuff!" ... "Quick to fit. Easy to fit cables. Nice and neat and soon to be painted." ... "Excellent product leaving neat and clutter free finish." ... "Very easy to cut and being self-adhesive, no time to install." ... "D Line is the perfect thing for running AV cables from your telly to your media setup." ... "The accessories were easy to fit and even a beginner can't go wrong." ... "I installed the D - line system in minutes and the result was outstanding." ... "Great product, Great service, Great price, what more can I say?" ... "Makes my DIY project look really professional. Looks very neat and tidy."

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